Art Studio

Portrait Art is a studio established by artist Jing Jia in 2000. She has been commissioned doing portraits for her clients from different cities around world. She loves doing people's variety characters. Besides, she portraits the entire visual world to express her emotions.

Ms. Jing Jia was born and raised in Beijing, China. At age 10, she took her early professional drawing classes in a youth art institute, studying to capture objects from still lives and copies of fragments from Roman statues.

In 1985, she studied at the Beijing Art and Design College. Completed 4 years studying in the program of sculpture,she then worked in the advertising filed for making an easier living.Later, for elevating her professional knowledge in the commercial filed, she went through a very competitive test and got enrollment at the Tsinghua University,being a student in the programs of Graphic Design and Industrial Design. After graduated, she had been an experienced graphic designer and worked with multiple mediums (TV program, newspaper, magazine and huge Ad, signs etc. until her relocation from China.

In 1999, she immigrated to Canada, settled in her new home, Kelowna. Soon she found her in the cultural conflicts between her old home (Beijing) and new home (Kelowna). But it is also interested her artistic vision. And the loves from both of her home inspire her to convey her feeling through visual language.